Florida School Teacher Reportedly Found Unresponsive After Attack By 5-Year-Old

According to reports, a Florida school teacher was found unresponsive after an alleged attack by a 5-year-old student.

First responders say the unidentified teacher was “sitting on the ground against the wall” and “appearing to be in a faint state.” Their report added that the victim was “clearly weak and dazed,” able to “blink and breathe regularly but at no point was able to vocally respond or show signs of a response.”

The 5-year-old student was reportedly unruly “throwing things around” and “flipping the chairs,” police said. When taken to a separate room to “cool down” he allegedly attacked the teacher. Despite the attack, police say the 5-year-old’s “aggravated assault with hands, fist, and feet,” is unlikely to be criminally prosecuted.

Per NBC News:

[The victim] suffered a concussion and other injuries after the “enraged” special education student, between 50 and 60 pounds, unleashed on the teacher, according to the union chief.

Source: Toofab.com

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