Florida Man Arrested for Burglary After Leaving Cell Phone Behind at the Scene

A Florida man was recently arrested on burglary charges after leaving his cell phone behind at the scene.

Daemeion Grady, 24, was arrested last week on charges of armed burglary, carjacking, resisting arrest, and possession of controlled substances, methamphetamine, and crack cocaine with intent to sell.

He was tracked by authorities after Grady’s cell phone was found at the scene containing several videos and photos of him.

The victim reportedly found Grady in his kitchen while searching for his laptop that the burglar had just nabbed. When the victim saw Grady, he had “the victim’s replica Samurai sword in one hand and the victim’s vehicle keys in the other hand.”

Armed, Grady allegedly “ordered him to pick up a clothes hamper filled with stolen items from the residence” and drove away in the homeowner’s truck.

Source: foxnews.com

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