Florida Governor DeSantis Bans Mask Mandates & Other COVID-19 Restrictions

Florida’s approach to the COVID-19 virus along with vaccination has been interesting during the last year. Now, with the rise of the Delta variant, many states in the country have been bringing back mask mandates and even contemplating going back in lockdown to curb the spread of the variant. However, Florida has revealed they aren’t with that right now, as Governor Ron DeSantis reportedly issued an executive order banning mask mandates, school closures, and other COVID-19 restrictions in the state.

News of this comes after the CDC changed guidance for masks, recommending that everyone wear them in schools regardless of vaccination status.

DeSantis said, “There’s no end in sight to what these policies will do. We were told the off-ramp was vaccination. Now we’re told that’s not going to be the case, and you’re going to have to do masking, or you’re going to have to do restrictions.” In another press conference, DeSantis went on to say, “And I want to say in Florida, there will be no lockdowns. There will be no school closures. There will be no restrictions or mandates in the state of Florida.” Stay tuned for more updates.

source: WCJB 20

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