62-year-old Mark Grenon and his three sons Jonathan, Jordan, and Joseph Grenon were indicted by a federal grand jury, and prosecutors said the group of men violated court orders by producing and selling over a $1 million of the “Miracle Mineral Solution,” which was comprised of sodium chlorite and water.

The FDA reportedly warned the solution Mark Grenon and his sons were making was “unproven and potentially harmful.” Court records said prosecutors believe Mark and Joseph Grenon operate a “health restoration center” in Colombia where customers are charged $5,000 a month to stay at the location and “dose themselves” with the harmful solution.

Grenon and his sons reportedly made $32,000 a month by selling MMS, and their profits allegedly jumped to $123,000 per month after advertising the solution as a cure for COVID-19. As of now, Mark and Joseph Grenon are allegedly in Colombia, while Jonathan and Jordan Grenon are being held in Miami FDC. The two were arraigned this past Monday.

source: NY Times