Florida Deputies Ambushed by Man with AR-15 Style Rifle During Traffic Stop

Video shows two Florida deputies ambushed during a traffic stop when a man armed with an AR-15 style rifle emerged from the backseat opening fire on the officers.

Paris Wilder, 38, targeted Brevard County Sheriff’s Deputies Brian Potters and Tyler Thoman during the Aug 30 incident. The gunman was shot dead following an exchange with the deputies. During the harrowing dashcam video, Wilder strikes Deputy Potters in the head several times with his rifle before Deputy Thoman unloads his weapon, fatally wounding Wilder.

“For those out there who might be foolish enough to ask why we shot him so many times, that answer is simple — because evil can never be dead enough,” Sheriff Wayne Ivey said. “This individual had absolutely no regard for human life and was focused on only one thing — killing our deputies to avoid arrest as he knew he was facing several minimum mandatory prison sentences in his pending cases.”

Source: youtube.com

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