FL Woman Pleads Guilty to Paying Hitman $12K in Bitcoin For Ex’s Lover

Recently, a Tampa woman named DeAnna Stinson admitted to allegedly paying over $12,000 in bitcoin in a murder-for-hire scenario. Stinson was allegedly looking to take out her ex-boyfriend.

Federal prosecutors revealed that Stinson hired a hitman from the dark web and that the website she ordered from didn’t deliver on the services. On her listing, Stinson reportedly wrote, “Do not do at the home. Any place else is fine. Need completed during July – preferably between July 5th – 11th.” As a result, Stinson doubled back to find someone else to get the job done, but encountered an undercover FBI agent.

Stinson confirmed who she wanted the hit on in a recorded phone call, and the agent went on to say the hit would be made to look like a robbery. The agent told her they would need to purchase a revolver, and Stinson then sent $350 in bitcoin. As a result, the woman was arrested at her home in September 2021. The woman has no prior criminal history, and her sentencing date has yet to be set. Stinson will reportedly be facing a maximum of up to 10 years in prison.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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