Fight Broke Out on Miami Flight After Man Allegedly Called Passenger N-Word

A fight broke out on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami after a man allegedly called a fellow passenger the n-word.

Kiera Pierre Louis, an artist who goes by the name Milli Miami, recorded the incident, which was later uploaded to social media. She said that a man was getting frustrated because he felt another passenger was taking too long to put up his luggage, which resulted in the man calling the passenger the n-word and then punching him.

A brawl ensued after, with Pierre Louis stating, “You can see the white man on top of the Black passenger just beating him between the seats. The flight attendant got involved. The white man’s wife got involved. His son, I believe, and his son’s girlfriend — everyone was just involved.”

Pierre Louis added that the man who started the fight was allowed to leave, while the other man had to stay and wait for police to arrive. She explained, “Racism, of course. The Black passenger had to wait on the plane, when he didn’t even start it, and the police, while we were walking off the plane, walked right past the person, the white man who actually initiated everything.” You can watch more of the incident as it unfolded in the video above.

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