Fight Breaks out at FLL Terminal After Travelers Refuse to Wear Masks

Three passengers got into a fight at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport when some travelers’ refusal to wear face masks got them kicked off a plane, leading to a flight delay.

Cellphone video captured the women involved in the scuffle, as they exchanged blows at FLL’s American Airlines terminal, Wednesday. Moments after the brawl broke out, a Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy is seen pulling one of the women away as another lay on the floor

BSO investigators said the passengers were forced off a flight to Chicago for not following the mask mandate. When deputies escorted the women back to the terminal, officials said, they were met with boos from frustrated passengers waiting at the gate.

At some point, authorities said, words were exchanged, and the fight broke out. The footage shows the women punching each other and pulling hair. One traveler who identified himself as Paul was shocked after watching the cellphone video.

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