Female Asian Cop Beaten By Homeless Man Who Was Threatening Asians

A San Francisco cop had to be rescued by bystanders after she was attacked and taken to the ground by a homeless man.

The Asian officer was responding to a call on Friday evening about a man — identified as Geraldo Contreras — who was making racially charged threats. Surveillance footage shows the cop approach Contreras and orders him to face away from her and put his hands on his head. Soon after, he ignores her orders and turns back around before attacking her to the ground.

The cop managed to call for backup during the struggle but was trapped underneath the suspect before four men rushed in to help her. Additional police officers quickly appeared and arrested Contreras after the attack.

“He’s a big guy, he was not letting go,” said Michael Waldorf, one of the cop’s rescuers. “He had a deathtrap on her. And he was not letting go. I saw it as an emergency. She needed our help and she needed it right away.”

Contreras allegedly made racially motivated threats prior to the assault and said he “specializes in killing Asian people.” The unidentified cop suffered minor injuries and a bloody nose as a result of the attack. Police have not announced whether or not the attack is being investigated as a hate crime.

Source: KTVU

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