Feds Seize $2.82 Million Worth of Frosted Cocaine Corn Flakes


Traffickers have been coming up with innovative ways to bring illegal substances into the states, and now a report has surfaced noting that federal agents seized $2.82 million worth of cocaine-coated cornflakes in Cincinnati.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers were able to intercept a massive shipment of cereal that was set to head to a private resident in Hong Kong, from South America. Officers on the scene opened one of the boxes of cereal, and saw the corn flakes were coated with a “grayish substance.” When they tested the substance on the corn flakes, the substance contained cocaine.

CBP officers noted the entire shipment contained 44 pounds of the corn flakes with the cocaine substance on it and estimated the value could worth up to $2.82 million on the street. Take a look above.

Source: thehill.com

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