Feds Indict 16 Members of Trinitarios Subset, Own Every Dollar (OED)

On Tuesday, Federal prosecutors in the city of New York arrested 16 members of a street gang from the Washington Heights area called Own Every Dollar (OED). Law enforcement officials unsealed a superseding indictment that detailed the perpetrator’s illegal exploits, which included selling drugs to undercover cops, and repackaging various narcotics to be resold. Per the indictment, the suspects were charged with racketeering, robbery, illegal firearms, and narcotics trafficking. The formal document also linked the suspects to seven murders dating back to February.

“Members and associates of OED committed and agreed, attempted and threatened to commit acts of violence to protect and expand their narcotics business, to protect fellow members and associates of the OED Enterprise, to otherwise promote the standing and reputation of OED amongst rival gangs, and to promote the standing and reputation of members of OED,” the indictment read. “These acts of violence included acts involving murder, robbery, and assault, intended to protect the OED Enterprise’s narcotics business and to retaliate against members of rival gangs who had encroached on the OED Enterprise’s narcotics business.”

According to reports, OED is a subset of an infamous Dominican American criminal organization called the Trinitarios gang. They were known for posting boastful videos on their personal social media pages with firearms. A discovery that would soon help prosecutors link them to multiple drug deals and other crimes.

The names listed on the indictment are: Jowenky Nunez, Jr., Jowenky Nunez Sr., Jerrin Pena, Justin Deaza, Wilson Mendez, Brian Hernandez, Hugo Rodriguez, Mayovanex Rodriquez, Johann Zapata, Elvis Trejo, Steven Joaquin, Iyaury Rodriguez-Rosario, Argenis Tavarez, Victor Colon, Jose Gutierrez and Nijmah Marte.

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Source: NY Post

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