FBI Warns of Kidnapping Scams Targeting Families of Travelers to Mexico

The FBI Pittsburgh Field Office has issued a warning about scammers surfing the internet in search of Americans who have family members that are traveling to Mexico or somewhere near the southern border. The reason behind the red flag is the large number of phone calls that have been placed by fraudsters to residents living in the state of Pennsylvania.

According to the feds, scammers have been reaching out to the citizens of the mid-Atlantic state in order to convince them that their family members have been kidnapped and the only way that they will ever see them again is if they pay a sizeable ransom.

“Many times, these scammers are convincing, and their actions are criminal,” said a representative from the FBI. “The experience is traumatic for the victims, especially since these scammers sound very real…If you are still convinced you need to withdraw the money, talk to the manager at your bank and ask for guidance. Never wire money, especially overseas, based on a request made on the phone or in an email. Once you send it, you can’t get it back.”

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Source: Sacramento Bee

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