FBI Informant Details Exposing KKK Ties in Law Enforcement

Florida resident and Army vet Joseph Moore recently sat down for an in-depth interview about his experience working undercover within the Ku Klux Klan as an FBI informant. Moore’s mission was to expose the ties between the Klan and local law enforcement.

“If the KKK had a target, it would be me,” said Moore, who changed his legal name to ensure his family’s safety. “The FBI wanted me to gather as much information about these individuals and confirm their identities. From where I sat, with the intelligence laid out, I can tell you that none of these agencies have any control over any of it. It is more prevalent and consequential than any of them are willing to admit.”

Moore detailed attending meetings and collecting information about individuals suspected of being law enforcement officers. He also discussed wearing a wire and helping foil two murder plots.

“The members of the KKK, in public, they state that they’re a peaceful, law-abiding organization protected by the First Amendment,” he explained. “However, in secret, they constantly discuss violent acts in support of their ideology. They used terms that I wouldn’t use. They used terms that began with the letter N. And from Day 1, I decided that I would never use that word, even if it created an even more dangerous situation for myself. So, when I’m with these guys, I’m in that character. I realize that at any moment, I can hear a bang.”

When asked about the murder plot, Moore said: “I was asked by the FBI to begin moving towards uncovering more specific law enforcement agencies; however, the public interest and the public safety issue came up with the murder plot, and that took a priority. So I know that I was on track to uncover more activity in law enforcement, but the immediate threat to the public—with the murder plot—was a priority.”

Source: youtube.com

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