Father Accused of Killing Daughter’s Boyfriend Who Sold Her into Prostitution

According to reports, a Spokane, WA father is behind bars after being accused of killing his daughter’s boyfriend, whom he believes sold her into prostitution.

John B. Eisenman was charged with first-degree murder after the body of Andrew Sorenson was found in the trunk of an abandoned car owned by Eisenman’s fiancée. When questioned about the decomposing body found in the vehicle, Eisenman told authorities he killed the man after rescuing his daughter from sex trafficking in Seattle.

Investigators say Sorenson’s ankles and wrists were tied in addition to his mouth being taped shut. Authorities believe Eisenman stabbed Sorenson multiple times considering the punctures in his clothing. However, an official cause of death has yet to be released.

Eisenman is currently in jail on a $1 million bond.

Source: youtube.com

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