Fat Trel Released After Ghost Gun Conviction

DC rapper Fat Trel has been released after spending multiple years behind bars. In a video, the rapper was seen getting escorted by a female companion and was visibly excited about his newfound freedom.

“Whole lotta mob s***, man,” Fat Trel said. “They just freed the mu’f***** real. You know what the f*** it is, the king of Northeast is back, n****! And you know what the f*** is up with me, n****!”

The rapper spent the past five years dealing with various charges. In 2016, Fat Trel was arrested and charged for trying to exchange counterfeit money for chips at a Maryland casino. Less than a month later, he was arrested and charged again with driving while intoxicated, narcotics distribution, speeding, and other charges.

Fat Trel spent over a year in jail before getting released in September 2017. However, the rapper was locked up again over alleged drug charges. In 2020, while still in jail, Fat Trel pleaded guilty to illegal possession of a ghost gun and faced a maximum 10-year sentence.

Source: REVOLT

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