Fat Joe Explains Why He Didn’t Attend Big Pun’s Street Naming Ceremony

Last week, Big Pun was honored with his own Bronx street corner. The corner of East Fordham Road and the Grand Concourse is now known as “Big Pun Plaza” after a street ceremony that had the late rapper’s wife and children in attendance.

Fat Joe, one of Pun’s close friends and collaborators, was noticeably absent from the ceremony. After receiving multiple questions regarding his no-show, Fat Joe explained that he did not show up due to his issues with various attendees at the event.

“If you don’t have good things to say about somebody, I rather you not say it,” Fat Joe explained. “So me, I could not go over there because there were people over there that I just ain’t feeling and I ain’t never gonna feel. So when everybody DMs me or says your little thing and the whole Terror Squad, yo bro — I will never stand besides these people ever in life.”

Joe stated that the people he has issues with have spoken out against him in the past, leaving his character to be questioned. The rapper expressed his refusal to stand peacefully besides the individuals even if it’s for Big Pun.

“When you slander me and you slander my word and make me look crazy for two decades in the hood, I cannot stand next to you…I’m never standing next to you. My kids is never standing next to your kids, nobody’s standing next to nobody,” Joe added.

He continued by claiming that Big Pun’s son, Chris Rivers, declined an invitation to perform Big Pun’s rhymes at a tribute event at Radio City Music Hall. He also ended the his explanation by expressing his love for Big Pun and his legacy.

As far as the people Fat Joe did not want to see at Big Pun’s ceremony, it’s possible he was referring to some of Pun’s family members including his widow. In recent years, she’s spoken out against Fat Joe and most recently settled a $2 million lawsuit with the Terror Squad frontman.

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