Fallen Signs in Cancun Airport Mistaken for Gunfire Triggers Stampede


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Loud sounds resembling gunshots had travelers at the airport in Cancun, Mexico fearing for the worst as many scrambled to get out of dodge creating chaos inside the terminal. According to reports, several people were trampled in the stampede and flights were suspended for almost three hours.

Authorities learned that the loud bangs were caused by someone knocking over three free-standing vertical display stands. Following the commotion, the airport released a statement that read, in part, “the alarm situation was caused by three signboards that fell after being inadvertently pushed over, creating a noise that caused a rushed exit by airport users.”

The reaction to the crashing displays reflect a nervousness associated with the resort town that has seen a string of violence that’s sullied its reputation as a safe getaway. As Canadian news outlet CTVNews reports, “authorities found four bodies dumped in undergrowth in Cancun, and said they were part of a total of 13 murders committed by the Jalisco cartel in the resort since September. Most of the bodies were found in vacant lots or houses.”

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