In total, Zachary Wester faced 67 charges, including racketeering, official misconduct, fabricating evidence, perjury, false imprisonment, and possession of controlled substances and drug paraphernalia. Wester was ultimately convicted on 19 of those counts.

Prosecutor Tom Williams called for a 15-year sentence, saying Wester’s actions were “an egregious breach of the public’s trust.”

“People voluntarily grant their government awesome powers they deem necessary for public safety and protection,” Williams added. “With that great power comes great responsibility. The defendant made choices to violate that trust and committed crimes against those people he was sworn to protect.”

“When that career ended, suddenly I watched a part of him and myself as well die,” Zachary’s wife Rebecca Wester said to the court. “This blow is one that will not be overcome quickly, and honestly one we may never overcome. The Zach that is in the court before you today is a mighty man of God. Has been greatly missed, but the place he has been missed the most is in our home.”