Ex-Cop Stands Trial After He Chokeslams a Teenage High Shcool Student on Camera

Three years ago a Broward Sheriff Office Deputy named Willard Miller grabbed a 15-year-old girl by her neck and slammed her to the ground, moments after she had been summoned to the time-out room at Cross Creek School in Pompano Beach, Florida for alleged possession of a vape pen. The altercation reportedly stemmed from a slew of verbal insults that the teen hurled in Miller’s direction before she lightly kicked him in the calf when his back was turned. This prompted Miller to turn around and rough up the high school student, before handcuffing her. After the occurrence took place, Miller failed to follow protocol by issuing a written report to explain why he used brute force on his captor. Unfortunately for Miller, the entire ordeal was captured by the security cameras and he was subsequently fired for his transgressions. In addition to being relieved of his duties, prosecutors charged Miller with a felony for child abuse. His trial began on Tuesday at Broward County Court in Fort Lauderdale.

The victim in the highly publicized child abuse case took the stand shortly after the opening statements in order to testify against her attacker.

“I just gently tapped [the deputy] … I think I was scared and a little bit angry,” the underaged victim said as was being questioned by her legal rep on the stand. “He waited, and then he reacted … He grabbed me by the neck … He slammed me.”

According to reports, the victim became noticeably emotional when she was cross-examined by the defense team. Day two of the child abuse trial is set to begin on Wednesday. The case is being presided over by a Broward Circuit Judge named Daniel A. Casey. As of now, Miller has yet to take the stand to defend himself. If Miller is convicted, he could face up to five years in prison.

To watch the incident in question, scroll up and skip ahead to the 0:24 mark

Source: Local 10

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