Ex-Boxer Julius Francis Knocks Out Man With One Punch While Working Security Gig

Julius Francis, a former heavyweight boxer who fought Mike Tyson in 2000, was seen knocking out a man with one punch after the man kept causing issues outside of a venue he worked security at.

A man was seen yelling and being aggressive with numerous security guards outside of the BOXPARK Wembly venue in the U.K., and things seemingly escalated as the man moved away from security. While moving away, the man shoved security, then stepped toward Francis. The move didn’t go well for man, who ultimately got dropped with a one-hitter quitter from the former boxer. The man was out on the ground for a few moments, and it wasn’t clear if the man suffered significant injuries.

Police have reportedly said, “An investigation into the circumstances, including to establish the identity and welfare of those involved, is underway.” Watch above.

source: TMZ

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