Ex-ATL Cop Fired for Fatally Shooting Rayshard Brooks Seeking Reinstatement

According to reports, the former Atlanta police officer who gunned down Rayshard Brooks in a Wendy’s parking lot is seeking reinstatement.

Former officer Garrett Rolfe’s lawyer Lance LoRusso, during a virtual appearance on Thursday in front of the Atlanta Civil Service Board, argued the city’s mayor pushed for Rolfe’s immediate firing, resulting in an inadequate hearing for his client. These situations normally result in officers receiving a “notice of proposed adverse action,” which they typically have 10 days to respond to. Rolfe said he was fired the day after the shooting.

Sgt. William Dean, an APD internal affairs investigator, said during Thursday’s hearing, that accommodations have been made to let other officers respond in the past. “Maybe some different arrangements should have been made for him, but I think there was time restraints involved as well,” said Dean.

Speaking on the Brooks arrest, Dean said, “in my opinion, a lot of officers were somewhat apprehensive and feel like they may have been too aggressive,” adding, “But I think on the onset they were very courteous, professional, they explained themselves. Things went far left when they tried to handcuff him. Prior to that everything was perfect – peaceful, cordial, professional.”


Source: nydailynews.com

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