Elementary Teacher Arrested for Putting Marijuana Edibles in Class Prize Box

According to reports, a South Carolina elementary teacher was arrested after a student picked up a pack of marijuana edibles found in the classroom prize box.

Victoria Farish Weiss, 27, is staring at a possession charge of a Schedule 1 drug in a state where marijuana isn’t legal. An investigation was launched after the Sept 23 report noted that a student picked the edibles when told to choose a prize from the rewards box.

“Detectives confirmed during interviews that Weiss took the pack of edibles from the student and told him to pick something else from the box,” said Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon. However, when the student grabbed a different prize, it was another pack of edibles. But authorities confirmed that no student consumed any of the marijuana products.

When police searched Weiss’s home, they found four packs of edibles similar to those found in the classroom. “Marijuana edibles are cannabis-based food products. They come in many forms, but the items in this case were candy,” Koon said. “They’re often packaged in wrappers and bags with logos and colors that look similar to traditional candy brands. While they are available in other states and online, they’re illegal in South Carolina,” he added.

Source: foxnews.com

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