Drake Seeks Protection From Alleged Stalker He Claims Wants Him Dead

According to reports, Drake is asking for the court to grant a temporary order of protection from a 29-year-old woman who has allegedly been harassing him for years. It was noted this is the same woman who previously tried to sue Drake for $4 billion dollars in a defamation suit.

Drake went on to point out the woman was arrested at his Hidden Hills estate in 2017, which led to her being convicted for trespassing. The rapper’s lawyer also mentioned he received emails from the woman last month telling Drake. “put a bullet through your head now, b***h.”

The rapper has asked a judge to grant him a protective order against the woman forcing her to stay 100 yards away from him and his family at all times. In the documents, Drake explained he’s been suffering emotional distress while fearing for his family as well as his own safety due to the woman’s “harassment and obsession with me.” Stay tuned for more updates.

source: TMZ

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