DR accused of violating patient’s privacy after removing ‘object’ from patient’s anus

New York Presbyterian Hospital administrators bizarrely grilled a female surgeon on her sex life and accused her of violating a patient’s privacy after she helped save a man with a “large foreign object” stuck in his rectum, she contends in a new lawsuit.

Doctors struggled to help the man during the February 2020 incident, said colorectal surgeon Dr. Deborah Keller, who was called in multiple times to assist and finally helped successfully extract the unidentified item from the patient’s body.

But instead of praising her for kicking butt, Keller, 41, claims the next day she was put on administrative leave and later “interrogated” by hospital administrators, who “sexualized” the object as a “dildo”; questioned whether Keller was having sex with the male surgeon in charge of the patient’s care, and violated the man’s privacy by circulating an image of the object, she claims in a Manhattan Federal Court lawsuit.

The inquisition by the hospital’s internal hearing committee was “demeaning and embarrassing,” said Keller, who declined to discuss the object and claims doctors “don’t really know” what the “massive” missile-shaped item was.

“They kept using inappropriate terms for the foreign [object], it was just getting contentious and questions that just didn’t have anything to do with the practice of medicine or patient care or colorectal surgery, making what I do seem like a joke,” said Keller.

The male doctor in charge of the patient’s case, Mark Kiely, had gotten the patient’s permission to take photos and videos of the incident for educational purposes, Keller said in court papers.

Kiely called Keller to help “due to her recognized expertise,” she said in court papers.

Kiely was never interrogated about an affair and was initially suspended but was reinstated, Keller contended in the legal filing, in which she denied having a sexual relationship with her colleague.

Source: NYPost

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