Doorbell Cam Captures Armed Robbers Posing as Candy Vendors

Authorities in Stockton, CA are searching for suspects involved in a robbery where one of the men posed as a candy vendor before at least three others rushed into the home fully armed. Police say they took several items before fleeing in a black SUV.

While authorities say the robbers took a lot of “personal belongings” but they have yet to disclose the monetary value of the stolen items.

“They’re bold, bold and ruthless and especially doing it in broad daylight,” said one neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified. “We have the ‘no solicitors’ sign, so it’s kind of like, you know, he came but he didn’t acknowledge it. It kind of gave me an indication that something was wrong but not out of the ordinary,” the neighbor said.

Another neighbor said he saw the phony candy salesman and his accomplices on his doorbell cam. “Normally, when kids sell candy, it’s for school fundraisers. You see that in elementary and middle school maybe, but it’s kind of odd for someone in his 20s to be selling candy,” the unidentified neighbor said.


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