DJ Drama Asked About Drake Sleeping with His Ex-Wife

N.O.R.E. shared a teaser of the upcoming Drink Champs episode with DJ Drama and it shows how the interview got a little awkward after the host questioned the DJ about his role and reason for his involvement in the Drake and Meek Mill feud.

During the beef, DJ Drama was accused of feeding Quentin Miller’s reference tracks to Meek Mill, which became Meek and other Drake detractors’ primary battle cry during the battle. However, N.O.R.E. dove into Drama’s motives by bluntly stating, “Drake smashed your girl.”

Drama began to uncomfortably chuckle before N.O.R.E. began to trace the steps the led to the infamous reference tracks landing in Meek Mill’s possession.

“Drake had sexual relations with a girl that was affiliated with you,” the Drink Champshost said. “All of sudden Meek — Philadelphia artist — winds up in Means Street Studios and he hears these references of these other songs…now all roads led to DJ Drama at that time.”

DJ Drama attempted to shift the attention towards Meek Mill’s role, but N.O.R.E. continued to press Drama on his silence during the feud to which Drama said he “lightly touched on it at times” before the preview ended.

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