Disabled Teacher Attacked By Student in Suspected “Slap a Teacher” Challenge

A Louisiana high school student was arrested and charged for attacking a disabled teacher in a suspected TikTok challenge.

Larrianna Jackson was arrested Wednesday for her unprovoked attack on a 64-year-old teacher at Covington High School. The assault was filmed and shows the 18-year-old student speaking with the teacher before pulling her from her wheelchair and striking her at least five times.

The police believe the attack was prompted by TikTok’s “slap a teacher” challenge in which students are encouraged to damage school property and attack teachers. TikTok has condemned the viral challenge and stated that any content related to the trend will be removed.

The Covington Police Department also announced that more arrests will be made as they believe the attack was premeditated and more students knew the unidentified teacher would be assaulted. In the video, someone is heard whispering, “Come on, come on, come on!” before another individual responds, “B****, she better f***** not…I’m gonna start running.”

“If you watch the video it sounds like they knew this was about to happen,” a Covington police officer said. “And so we’re looking into it and there may be more arrests that come out of this.”

The victim received treatment for various bruises at a hospital and is reportedly in “a lot of pain.” It is unclear if the teacher will return to the school.

Larrianna Jackson has received a felony charge of battery on a school teacher.

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