Diner disgusted after a full chicken head is found in her box of KFC hot wings

A UK takeout customer was disgusted after finding an entire chicken head in her box of KFC hot wings.

A shocking photo showed the head — complete with eyes and a beak — encrusted in crunchy batter straight out of the frier.

After ordering from KFC Feltham in Twickenham, England, a woman named Gabrielle left it a two-star JustEast review.

It read: “I found a fried chicken head in my hot wings meal.

“Put me off the rest of my meal, urgh.”

On the photo posted on Instagram account Takeawaytrauma, people were quick express their horror.

One user said: “I really wish I could go back in time by 2 minutes when I hadn’t seen this.”

“What does it take to get one star?”

“At least you know it’s real,” another joked.

Others claimed that seeing the animal’s head gave better awareness of what people are eating.

“Fried chicken head is still fried chicken in all fairness,” said one user.

“If you eat meat there’s nothing to complain about you’re just faced with the reality of what you’re eating for once.”

“If you can’t handle that your food is a dead animal then you shouldn’t be eating meat,” another agreed.

KFC said on Twitter that it was “baffled” as to how the whole head had snuck in and joked that it was “the most generous two-star review ever.”

It also told the Sun Online: “We were genuinely surprised by this photo. Since Gabrielle got in touch, we’ve been looking into how it happened.

“Put simply, we serve real chicken — and we’re proud of that — but this has clearly slipped through the strict processes and checks in place with our suppliers, partners and teams, who freshly prepare everything in our restaurants.

Source: NYPost

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