DeMarcus Cousins Snaps on Security Trying to Intervene Meeting with Fan


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Social media personality JiDion is going viral after his interaction with DeMarcus Cousins during his return to the NBA as the Bucks faced off against the Pelicans on Friday (December 17) night.

In the video, JiDion appears ecstatic as he speaks with Cousins, who agreed to take a photo. When JiDion takes off his jersey for Cousins to sign, a security guard appears and tells the NBA star to maintain his distance with JiDion. Cousins then tells the security guard that they are taking their job “too seriously,” and he continues to sign the jersey for JiDion.

While things started off on a positive note for Cousins before the game, the Bucks failed to secure a win against the Pelicans, who finished with 116-112 in overtime.

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