Dead Baby Found at Mexican Prison Believed to Have Been a Drug Mule

According to reports out of Puebla, the dead corpse of a baby boy was discovered in a dumpster that belongs to one of the most infamous prisons in the country of Mexico. It’s being widely speculated that the infant was being used as a mule for the drug cartel, prior to his death, because of the surgical incision in his abdomen area.

In the past, the Center for Reinsertation in Puebla has been at the center of controversy and a target of multiple nonprofit organizations because of the inmates’ proclivity for corruption, gang violence, human trafficking, and drug smuggling. The prison is also commonly known for housing an overpopulated amount of inmates.

Hence, the new development involving the dead baby comes as no surprise to the local residents of the San Miguel neighborhood. Nevertheless, the investigation is ongoing as authorities and government officials are scrambling to learn more about the indemnity of the deceased infant.

“The investigation will be handled with the secrecy necessary to uncover the truth, first determining where the child was born,” said Puebla Gov. Miguel Barbosa Huerta. “Because he was not born in the prison.”

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

Source: New York Post

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