Dad Allegedly Orders 4-Year-Old Child to Shoot at Cops at McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Authorities say a 4-year-old child was ordered by their father to shoot at police officers during a dispute in a McDonald’s drive-thru in Salt Lake City, UT.

The incident began when the man, Sadaat Johnson, 27, was in the drive-thru arguing with an employee about an incorrect order. Johnson allegedly flashed a gun at the worker and pulled over demanding his order be fixed.

However, instead of fixing the order, McDonald’s staff called the police. Upon arrival, they removed Johnson from his vehicle but as he was being apprehended, Johnson ordered his 4-year-old to shoot at the cops as they whisked him away. An officer hit the gun just as the child began to raise the weapon.

Charges have not yet been disclosed but Johnson remains in police custody. It also remains unknown whether the child was released into a guardian’s custody or if the Utah Division of Child and Family Services responded to the incident.


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