Dababy Says “Errybody Dying” If His Chain Ever Gets Snatched or Taken


Previously video footage surfaced of rapper Lil Murden claiming that he retrieved the chain of DaBaby. The rapper was seen in the video holding up a BillionDollarBaby pendant and noted this instance was the fourth time he had to get a chain back on behalf of a rapper. Now, DaBaby has responded to the video, saying that Murden’s claim is false.
DaBaby said, “Fun Fact: Baby ever get a chain took, errybody dying. Even the messenger. Cute post tho thug. lol.” DaBaby also responded to other comments on the post, making it clear that the story was not true, including a comment where the IG user said Murden bought the chain from the jeweler rapper 704 Chop traded the chain to.

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