Couple Beat Man With a Floor Sign After Sucker Punching Him at a Bronx Popeyes

A man and a woman beat a customer inside a Bronx Popeye’s, repeatedly punching him and hitting him with a wet floor sign, police said Wednesday.

The 24-year-old victim argued with the unidentified male attacker inside the Bruckner Boulevard restaurant on Saturday night, officials said. The dispute may have been over one person cutting in line, police sources said.

It escalated when the unidentified man threw a punch, hitting the victim in the head.

A woman jumped in and the pair repeatedly punched the victim. Video shows the woman strike the victim with the yellow wet floor sign several times.

The pair took $150 from the victim, then left the restaurant, police said. Later, the woman came back without her coat and wig and got her food. She left with the man in a black sedan.

Emergency medical services took the victim to the hospital for treatment of a laceration above his right eye and pain and swelling to his head.

Source: Pix11

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