Cop Gets 4 Years in Prison for Beating Black Undercover Cop at Protests

According to reports, a former cop named Randy Hays was sentenced to four years in prison after being found guilty of beating a fellow officer named Luther Hall, a Black man who was undercover during protests.

Hays—a white man, beat Hall after “mistakenly” thinking he was a protester. As a result of the beating that went down in September 2017, Hall suffered a concussion, a hole in the lip that required stitches, a bruised tail bone, a rotator cuff tear, and other injuries due to Hays beating him with a baton.

Hays was one of several officers implicated in the assault, and Hall has issued a statement on the beating since then. In a statement written to the court, Hall said, “I feel the same helplessness I felt the night of the assault, as I laid on the ground being beaten in the head, neck, and torso. The days I can’t sleep, I lay in bed in the dark, and all I hear is the sound of my camera impacting the ground and voices of people yelling commands at me.”

Hall filed a civil suit for the incident, and the city settled with Hall for $5 million in February 2021. The attorneys in the case reportedly argued that race was a motivating factor in officers moving to beat Hall. Since the beating, Hall has had to get three surgeries, according to reports.

source: Washington Post

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