Connecticut Man Gets 25 Years in Prison for Sex Trafficking at Super Bowl LIV

According to reports, a Connecticut man was sentenced to 25 years in prison for sex trafficking at the 2020 Super Bowl in Miami.

48-year-old Edward Walker was handed a 25-year sentence on Thursday for reportedly transporting two women and a 17-year-old from New Haven, CT, to Miami for the Super Bowl festivities. Authorities say Walker physically and emotionally coerced the women to sell their bodies in Miami for money, which Walker kept.

Federal prosecutors also stated that Walker intended to further exploit the women by transporting them to other cities for major events in Las Vegas and Chicago. Walker was originally arrested in February 2020 and found guilty on charges of sex trafficking by force and coercion, sex trafficking of a minor and by force and coercion, and transporting a person for sexual activity in October. He is also facing child pornography charges back in Connecticut.


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