Colorado Man Reportedly Robs Bank While Still Wearing Ankle Monitor

According to reports, a Colorado man was arrested for robbing a bank while wearing an ankle monitor for a previous robbery he committed over five years ago.

Darren Connelly, 26, is accused of robbing Canvas Credit Union on June 15 while wearing an ankle monitor. Authorities say the monitor’s movement aligned with that of the getaway vehicle that was captured by surveillance cameras moments before the robbery.

“There was one ankle monitor in the area of the credit union at the time of the robbery. Furthermore, the same ankle monitor arrived in the area as the suspect vehicle and left the area at the same time as the suspect vehicle,” read the criminal complaint.

Connelly was wearing an ankle monitor due to his 2016 conviction for a liquor store robbery and was paroled this past April.

Per 9NEWS: Court records show Connelly was initially charged with 10 charges, including attempted first-degree murder stemming from a liquor store robbery in Jefferson County in 2016. In that case, Connelly was accused of shooting at a good Samaritan during the robbery. The Samaritan was not hurt.


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