College Students Invent Edible Tape to Prevent Burritos Falling Apart During a Meal

For over a thousand years human beings have attempted to savor in the act of eating their burritos, only to see their flour/corn tortillas fall apart, about midway through their meals. Now, thanks to four college students from Johns Hopkins University (in Baltimore), that notion may change very soon, for people who can’t seem to roll their burritos properly. Last year, Tyler Guarino, Erin Walsh, Marie Eric, and Rachel Nie put their heads together in order to produce an invention for their product design course. What they ended up settling on was the creation of edible tape, in order to hold their burritos in place, throughout the duration of an entire meal. They recently shared their brand new product with the public and it went viral instantly.

According to the former classmates, “Taste Tape” was put through a series of rigorous tests, which included 50 different formulas before they finally determined that their product was edible, food-safe, gluten-free, and appropriate for vegans to digest as well. Right now, “Tastee Tape” is presented to consumers in the form of a strip on top of wax paper, but if it all goes well, it may soon resemble a roll of tape.

It’s far too early to tell whether or not this invention will be as revolutionary as the bendy staw or the Coke bottle, but it is certainly off to a good start. As of now, there is no word on when the group will settle on a company to license “Tastee Tape,” but they are actively pursuing a patent for the product.

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Source: East Idaho News

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