Coast Guard Seize 59K lbs of Cocaine, 1,400 lbs of Marijuana Worth Over $1.4B

The US Coast Guard made a historic seizure after securing 59,700 lbs of cocaine and 1,430 lbs of marijuana before entering the country.

“Today, the crew of James will unload 26 metric tons of cocaine and marijuana interdicted by multiple Coast Guard Units, [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] air assets and Canadian partners with a wholesale street value of over $1.4 billion, which is the largest offload in the James’ history and double what was interdicted in our Fall 2020 patrol,” said Capt. Todd Vance of the Coast Guard Cutter James.

Vance’s crew of 150 sailors patrol the Eastern Pacific and Caribbean seas trying to disrupt the flow of drugs from Central America into the United States.

“This crew and their efforts have struck a significant blow in the fight to combat the criminal networks who create the destabilizing influence we’re all witnessing in Central America and at our nation’s southern border,” he said.

“This is the largest illicit drug offload in Coast Guard history. This is historic, and it’s a result of the combined efforts of our interagency partners and a dedicated international coalition,” he continued.

“Drug trafficking organizations are ruthless and highly adaptable. We will remain adaptable and we will never relent.”


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