CoachDaGhost Reportedly Arrested For Murder of Brooklyn Teen

According to reports, rapper CoachDaGhost was arrested for the murder of a 17-year-old named Bryan Sanon. The incident reportedly went down in Brooklyn on March 13, after Sanon and his group of friends were walking around E. 82nd St close to Farragut Road. While they were together, a gunman opened fire on the group, hitting one person in the face, while another teen was grazed by bullets in both of his legs. Sanon ended up dying at the scene.

Police reportedly identified Coach as a suspect, but the rapper had already left the state. 27-year-old Culture Bermudez, aka CoachDaGhost, was apprehended by the police in Georgia, and was brought back from Clayton County to face charges.

CoachDaGhost was charged with assault, attempted murder, and murder. The rapper’s arraignment is pending and set to occur in the Brooklyn Criminal Court this week. Stay tuned for more updates.

source: NY Daily News

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