Cincinnati Cop Gets Caught Saying, “I F**k**g Hate N*****s!” On Her Own Body Camera

There’s no love lost between Officer Rose Valentino and several members of the African American community in the Cincinnati area. That notion could not have been made any more apparent than when the veteran with a recent track record of hostile behavior towards minorities drove her car to work on April 5th. As she pulled into her precinct, near Western Hills University High School, a random Black high schooler just so happened to be walking by when he noticed that Officer Valentino was present. So, the teenager teasingly gave her the middle finger as he walked on by. The obscene gesture did not sit well with Valentino, who then blurted out a series of curse words about Black people to herself while she was sitting in her patrol car with the windows rolled up. Up until that point, Valentino had a well-documented habit of forgetting to turn on her body cam. Unfortunately for her, this time around, her small video camera was on, and it captured her entire slanderous tirade.

“I f*cking hate them!” Valentino said as she sat in her police vehicle after having just been flipped off by a Black teen. “Oh, I f*cking hate them so much! I swear to g*d, I hate this f*cking world! I f*cking hate it!”

Shortly after the tantrum, Valentino uttered one last sentence that may have ended her career on the police force, “F*cking n*ggers! I f*cking hate them!”

When upper management caught wind of Valentino’s body camera footage, it prompted an investigation that resulted in her suspension. The inspection is still ongoing, so for the time being, Valentino will no longer be able to train incoming officers like she had been doing. Instead, she will be sidelined until the disciplinary process plays itself out.

“Officer Valentino will not be on city streets in uniform, wearing a badge, or carrying a firearm,” interim city manager John Curp said in a statement.

John Curp was not the only high-ranking city official to chime in on the matter, as the Mayor also shared his thoughts regarding the actions of Officer Valentino.

“I was appalled to see Officer Valentino display such hateful, angry, and racist language,” said Mayor Aftab Pureva. “Our law enforcement represents all of this city, and Black Cincinnatians deserve to feel safe knowing they will be treated with mutual respect…A fair and complete process needs to play out, but someone demonstrating this behavior has no place in a world-class organization like CPD.”

While footage from Officer Valentino’s tirade was recently released by the CPD, she maintains that she is not a racist. Instead, she attributes this isolated incident to a mental lapse in judgment.

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Source: Yahoo! News

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