Chicago Toddler Falls Through a Window Screen in His Mom’s Apt & Drops 15 Floors

On Tuesday night, a 3-year-old boy named Chaise Binion fell through the screen window of a tall apartment building known as the Lake View Towers on the Northside of Chicago. His body dropped 15 floors, from the 18th floor to the 3rd floor, before landing on top of a parking garage located on North Claredon Avenue. The incident occurred around 7 pm, leaving the building’s occupants in a state of shock.

“We saw them when they brought the little kid down on the stretcher,” said one of the building’s residents, Tracy Redmond. “They was giving him chest compressions, and you could see where his face was all bloody.”

Another eye-witness on the scene gave a much more graphic description of the horrific incident.

“The mother was on the floor, yeah, when they took him with the stretcher. She was on the floor crying, you know. Crying, her forehead on the floor,” said Etenesh Gebeyehu, who was onsite visiting her daughter at the apartment building.

According to reports, the toddler did not die upon impact. Instead, he was rushed to the Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center by EMTs, where he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. As of now, the parents of the deceased child have not been charged, nor has foul play been implicated. It appears that this occurrence was purely accidental. However, a police investigation is ongoing.

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Source: Patch

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