Chicago Raises Bridges, Restricts Downtown Access to Prevent Rioting

Chicago was recently in the news after protests and looting broke out over a police shooting involving a 20-year-old black man. Since then, footage of riots and storefronts being destroyed have surfaced, along with clashes of protesters against police. Now, the city of Chicago has responded by restricting access to their downtown area by raising their drawbridges on Monday.

News of this comes after it was reported that the rioting and looting in the city led to 100 people being arrested. Reports noted that after the rioting and looting that took place on Sunday, SWAT teams were seen patrolling the streets on Monday evening to ensure the same situations from the night before didn’t occur. Along with that, freeway exits were reportedly blocked off as well.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown issued a statement on the matter during a press conference, saying protesters and looters were acting “as if there are not consequences” due to “what happened previously.”

source: Daily Mail

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