Chicago Couple Starts A Fight With Miami Cops & They Get Tased

Two men and a woman from Chicago were arrested following a run-in with a Miami Beach Police officer that was caught on video.

Police said 31-year-old Kellen McMiller and 29-year-old Catrina Jones were taken into custody at the intersection of Collins Avenue and 11th Street following the tense confrontation, just after 3 a.m., Thursday.

Sean Rhodes, a friend of McMiller and Jones, was also arrested nearby.

The officer seen on the cellphone video was heading toward a call about a stabbing in the area when, according to the arrest report, “McMiller struck the police vehicle with a large glass container of alcohol.”

Investigators said the officer stopped his car and tried to take the bottle of alcohol.

According to the report, McMiller pushed the officer.

The report states that the officer was eventually able to take the bottle away, but that’s reportedly when McMiller and Jones began to curse and threaten him.

It remains unclear exactly at what point in the interaction the one-minute cellphone video starts, but it shows McMiller as he pulled Jones away from the officer. McMiller appears to be pushed by the officer.

The video shows McMiller walking back toward the officer, when he’s shoved and shocked with a Taser.

The report states the officer told Jones to back up, ​but instead, it claims, she said, “Oh, we are going to really [expletive] you up now,” as she tried to remove the Taser probes from McMiller.​

It was at that moment when she was also shocked by a Taser.

Rhodes was taken into custody for allegedly carrying an open container and resisting arrest.

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