Chicago Cop Tries to Rescue Naked Woman Before She Steals His Car & Runs Him Over

On Monday morning around 9:45 am the Chicago police department deployed an officer to an intersection near Jackson Boulevard and Kostner Avenue on the Westside of town. The officer’s arrival was in response to a distress call about a naked woman (34) who had been laying in the middle of the road while in need of assistance. However, just as the officer began to ascertain the situation so that he could provide the woman with help, she ambushed him, hopped into his patrol car, and ran him over. The officer sustained injuries to his leg and head during the attack. Most of the ordeal was captured on camera and the bizarre news story has since gone viral.

Immediately following the assault, the dazed and confused cop barely managed to sit upright, off the ground, as he watched the naked assailant drive off with his vehicle.

“Oh sh*t!” said a random bystander to the fallen officer. “Damn! You alright?”

There were several other eye-witnesses on hand, including a man named Ruben Dunning, who saw the incident from his apartment window.

“A bunch of blood, trauma to the head, and it looked like he could barely walk. I’m hoping he’ll be okay,” said Dunning. “She took the car, drove off in it, and the officer got out of the car to try to help her, and she ran him over, and she was butt naked.”

Although the naked woman pulled off a daring escape in the stolen vehicle, she only managed to drive it three miles away from the crime scene before she recklessly slammed into a white sedan near Damen Avenue and Harrison Street. According to police reports, she also side-swiped five cars, after making her way onto the Eisenhower Expressway. Ironically enough, this automobile accident happened near Stronger Hospital, which is exactly where the cop that she assaulted was taken (and later released) for minor injuries.

The assailant was arrested for her transgressions and taken to a local hospital for a psychological evaluation. But the reason behind the assault and theft remains a mystery that the Chicago PD is still investigating. At this point, they still don’t even know why she was laying on the road, while completely nude, either. As of now, no charges have been filed.

For more on this story, stay tuned.

Source: Fox 32 Chicago

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