Celebrity Hairstylist Johnathan Wright Hits Milan Christopher’s Brother w/ Metal Chair

Nearly one year after being arrested for theft, controversial celebrity hairstylist Johnathan Wright has made headlines once again. A video clip of Meg thee Stallion’s former hairdresser giving chase to the brother of reality TV star Milan Christopher has been making its rounds on social media.

The footage depicts the dramatic imagery of Wright running full speed ahead at Christopher’s brother with a metal chair in tow, swinging at his victim over and over. Although Wright didn’t connect on every attempt, he did manage to land a shot on the victim as the video clip comes to an end.

As of now, the reason for the altercation has not been revealed. But nevertheless, the bystanders on hand didn’t seem nearly as entertained as the celebrity onlookers who caught wind of the footage on social media. Within minutes of being published on Instagram by The Shade Room, several celebrities entered the comment section to make light of the footage and compare Johnathan’s proclivity for dishing out a beat down to that of a professional wrestler. To that, Wright obliged his contemporaries with several responses such as, “Whooped that ahhhh TheWrightWay…Welcome to Dallas.”

Scroll up to watch the footage of the celebrity hairstylist as he gives chase to Milan Christopher’s brother with a metal chair before connecting at the end of the clip.

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