California teacher flips out on students over distance learning complaints

A teacher in San Marcos, California was caught on camera yelling at students over their parents distance learning complaints during a Zoom class.

The teacher at San Marcos High School, identified by Fox News as Alissa Pirro, could be seen chastising the students while they appear to be discussing a dispute over distance learning.

“I am so sick to my stomach of parents trying to tell educators how to do their job,” Pirro shouts at the camera in the online class.

In the video — posted to Twitter by a group called Reopen California Schools — Pirro explodes on one student who calls for a “white student union.”

“You don’t need a white student union, Jake!” she yells. “You get everything!”

In a separate portion of the video Pirro appears to be responding to a student who’s parents may have had concerns about distance learning.

“If your parent wants to talk to me about their profession and their opinion on their profession, I would love to hear that,” she said.

“However, if your parent wants to come talk to me about how I’m not doing a good enough job in distance learning based on what you need as an individual? Just dare them to come at me.”

Fox News reported that that school’s principal, Adam Dawson, called Pirro’s behavior “inexcusable” and vowed to address it.

Source: NYPost

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