BX Drill Rapper Dougie B Arrested Outside of Court, Shots Reportedly Fired During Dispute

Bronx drill rapper Dougie B was taken into police custody on Thursday afternoon outside a Bronx criminal court following a verbal dispute in the parking lot.

Authorities apprehended Dougie B on undisclosed charges just a day after filming a music video with Cardi B. When cops arrived at the scene, they say a possible car collision led to a verbal dispute that ended in gun fire. However, no one was injured.

Dougie B, real name is Arion Howard, was due in criminal court on an unrelated shooting case. A witness said she saw a “group of guys were arguing and all of a sudden I heard a gunshot.”

“So crazy because right in front of the Bronx Supreme Court?” she said. “What did they think was going to happen? They weren’t getting away.”

Source: Nypost.com

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