Burger King Honors LGBTQ+ Community w/ ‘Pride Whopper,’ Fans Mock the Burger Buns

In wake of Disney’s recent revelation to make inclusivity for marginalized communities, such as the LGBTQ+ demographic, the norm in their television, film, and pop culture in general, several other iconic business brands have aimed to do the same by rolling out a series of marketing campaigns in support of “Pride Month.” In the world of fast food, McDonald’s appears to be leading the charge with a marketing campaign dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community called “Livin’ it.” With companies such as Disney and McDonald’s firmly at the helm of the new movement towards equality, all seemed well and good as they began to roll out their presentations on social media until Burger King entered the chat with a peculiar attempt of their own at honoring “Pride Month.”

Officials from the largest Burger King fast-food restaurants in Austria recently unveiled the “Pride Whopper.” This sounds well-intended in theory but when photos surfaced of the traditional whooper with two bottom buns (and a separate burger with two tops buns), it became apparent that the pun was intentional. Ironically enough, what was meant to be a kind gesture of support actually ended up offending people from the LGBTQ+ community and it also prompted jokes from people outside of it.

“Well Burger King has permanently lost my business. Foods not even good,” said a user on Instagram.

“The capitalization of it all…I wish these retailers and restaurants would stop. Stop doing things in the name of a particular group of people,” another user added.

“It’s kinda funny…stupid but kinda funny,” wrote another IG user.

The criticism didn’t stop there, because a prominent manager at Netflix also chimed in, via Twitter, once he learned of the announcement. “Burger King Austria made a Pride burger that’s either two tops or two bottoms,” said Jarrett Wieslman. “What in straight hell?”

“If they spent any time talking to the queer community Burger King would know the last thing they want is pairing a top with a top and a bottom with a bottom,” added comic artist Erica Henderson via Twitter.

Burger King Austria plans on leaving the “Pride Whopper” on its menu until June 20th. In a statement issued by the company, they declared that the reason behind the unveiling of their new product is to promote “equal love and equal rights.”

Source: CNN

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