According to the police report, Brother Polight — whose real name is Michael Noak Jr. — received permission from his girlfriend to take the alleged victim to an afterparty at a Miami club. After realizing the club was closed, he took the teen to his hotel.

The 37-year-old reportedly gave his girlfriend’s daughter alcohol before dancing with her and touching her breasts, inner thighs, and buttocks. Later, the motivational speaker and author allegedly tried forcing the teen to perform oral sex on him.

The victim passed out and woke up to Brother Polight trying to make her throw up. When his girlfriend discovered her daughter, she allegedly found her intoxicated and possibly on drugs with severe swelling on her mouth and lips.

Brother Polight reportedly convinced his girlfriend not to call the police, claiming it would ruin his career. He was served with a DNA warrant in June before finally turning himself into the police.

His lawyer, David Tarras, proclaimed his client’s innocence and said the evidence will prove as such.

“Once the evidence is produced, he is going to be exonerated,” Tarras said. “So yeah, not guilty. Nothing else…These are serious allegations, but in any situation, there is always motive. There is always a lot behind the scenes that the public is not going to be able to see…We have no doubt that he is not this person. We’re going to get him past this and back on with his life.”

Source: NBC Miami