“Brazil’s Pablo Escobar” Arrested in Europe, 2 Yrs After Faking His Death & Changing Name

Of all the tales that have been told about the infamous cartels and drug traffickers from Latin America, the story of a Brazilian drug lord named Brazilian Sergio Roberto de Carvalho has somehow remained one of the world’s best-kept secrets.  His criminal organization is believed to have transported drugs to various parts of Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. This is an astonishing implication that has contributed to the fact that the international drug trafficker was viewed by several law enforcement entities all over the globe as one of the most wanted men in the entire world. Two years ago, the man whom many refer to as “Major Carvalho” or “Brazil’s Pablo Escobar” became such a coveted target by the Spanish government, that he faked his own death (due to COVID) and changed his name, after being released from a prison in Spain. The death certificate was dated August 29, 2020, and it was signed by a doctor who reportedly confirmed that Carvalho had been cremated. From there, he obtained a Mexican passport and changed his name to Guillermo Flores Díaz before moving to the country of Hungry and continuing his illegal activities.

After many believed he was dead, the evasive criminal mastermind was apprehended this week after it was discovered that he was alive and well while operating in a mansion under his new name. It is being reported that Carvahlo’s cartel is solely responsible for having shipped at least 40,823.3133 kilograms of cocaine from Brazil to Europe, over the course of a four-year span (from 2017 to 2021). The arrest is the result of a joint initiative between Portuguese and Hungarian law enforcement entities. Based on the information obtained through this investigation, it is believed that Carvalho’s headquarters were stationed in Dubai.

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Source: VICE News

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